Cuba and Nigeria highlight their cultural traditions.

Nigeria, October 14, 2022.- Coinciding with the Cuban celebrations for the National Culture Day on October 20, a set of cultural activities that reflect the historical links between the cultures of the African country and the Caribbean island are taking place in Abuja, Nigeria.

One of these activities was the inauguration of the "Matrix Gallery of Contemporary Art", in Abuja, where different renowned Nigerian painters exhibited their passions, professionalism and experience in that world. One of them, Mr. Muhammad Suleimand, painter and friend of Cuba.

During the event and with the presence of personalities from the Nigerian culture and the accredited diplomatic corps in the country, the Cuban ambassador, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, addressed those present, where she highlighted the historical and cultural ties that unite both peoples and the same time, She reported on the cultural activities taking place in Cuba and in its missions abroad in connection with the celebrations for the Cuban National Culture Day.

In the same activity, the Cuban diplomat offered the Nigerian TV channel, NTA, an interview, a propitious moment to reiterate the existing cultural ties between Cuba and Nigeria.

Counselor Pavel Bauzá was also present on behalf of the Cuban diplomatic mission.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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