Cuba and Vietnam sign cooperation agreements on health

Cuba y Vietnam firman acuerdo de cooperación en salud

Cuba and Vietnam signed health cooperation agreements to strengthen the cooperation in this sector, through which the island will provide professional services to the Indochina nation.

One of the documents was signed by Juana María Larrea, on behalf of Cuban Medic al Services (CSMC) and Vu Thi Thanh Giang, from the International General Hospital Thu Cuc, in the presence of the deputy minister Marcia Cobas, who led the delegation of the Caribbean country.

According to the reports of the ceremony, that took place in Hanoi, the contract will cover a three year period and includes receiving Cuban doctors and nurses for working in Vietnam.

To highlight the importance of this step, Doctor Le Tuyen Hong Duong considered that it will provide the development of the Hospital and wished successes to the collaboration. Meanwhile, Larrea pointed that “we started one new page on the history of the relations between Vietnam and Cuba, after several days of very intense work, but with a happy ending for both parts”

The other agreement was signed with the VINMEC Company, in their hospital in Hanoi with the same name, which will also receive professionals from the Caribbean country. On the host side the document was signed by the deputy director of the company, Do Tat Cuong.  

Talking about the visit and their results, Ambassador Herminio Lopez affirmed that the presence of the delegation led by the deputy minister Cobas show the priority that the Ministry of Health and the Cuban government have given to the possibility of strengthen the cooperation with Vietnam on this field.

He explained that one of the objectives was to exchange with officials and representatives of the sector about the opportunities and the concrete actions to materialize the content of the agreements signed, which will have a positive effect on the health system of this country.

The signature of this accord closed the program of the visit of the delegation, which on the Cobas case included one meeting with her counterpart Pham Le Thuan, among other authorities, besides of the visit inside the Oncological Hospitals and the General Hospital Bac Mai, where they talked about the possibility of developing cooperation.  

About the agreements, the deputy minister stressed that this is about centers with a lot of experience, of high technology, so it will be a new experience in the work on this type of hospitals.

Also, the high official of the Ministry of Health was accompanied in the delegation that travelled to Vietnam, with experts of the National Center of Medical Genetics, experts of the National Cardiology Group and the Hematology and Oncology Institute.