Cuba is and will always be an eternal Baraguá

Pretoria, 15 March 2024 - Officials and workers from the Embassy of Cuba in South Africa commemorated the 146th anniversary of the historic Baraguá Protest, an important symbol of the unwavering fighting spirit of the Cuban people, as well as the protagonist of this epic, General Antonio Maceo.

"The Baraguá Protest is of great significance for Cubans, it marked a turning point in the history of Cuba. It also was the first political action of General Antonio Maceo in his attempt to revive the anti-colonial armed struggle. This event served as a starting point to regroup the revolutionary movement, rescue the Revolution and continue the struggle," stated in his speech the Third Secretary of the diplomatic mission, Bryan Betancourt Brito.

In the complex scenario that our country is living today, it is even more necessary to remember that as Maceo taught us, principles are non-negotiable and despite the wear and tear caused by the lack of material resources, we will never surrender the Homeland, we must defend it, be faithful to Maceo, Martí and Fidel under his premise that Cuba is and will be always an eternal Baraguá.

(Cuban Embassy in South Africa)

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