Cuba and Yemen celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their relations

Cuba and Yemen celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their relations

Riyadh, May 4th - Cuba and Yemen are celebrating half a century of the establishment of their bilateral relations, characterized throughout all this time by cooperation, friendship and solidarity between the respective governments and peoples, even in the most difficult circumstances.

The Island's ties with the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen were established in 1972 and today maintain their vitality with the current Republic of Yemen, after the unification between the north and south of this Arab nation in 1990.

The Cuban-Yemeni collaboration has been expressed in many and diverse fields, particularly in education and health. Since the 1970s, thousands of Yemeni youths have studied and graduated in different specialties in Cuban educational centers.

Likewise, Cuban education and health professionals have made their important contribution as collaborators in this country and have had the honor of founding the Faculty of Medicine at Aden University, an event considered the first internationalist teaching collaboration of the Cuban Revolution in the Higher Medical Education field.

At this time, when Yemen is immersed in a serious armed conflict and suffering the consequences of a humanitarian crisis, it continues to count on the solidarity and support of Cuba for its swift negotiated political solution, based on an inter-Yemeni dialogue. In addition, even in these difficult conditions, the Cuban government has assigned eight scholarships for Yemeni youths to study medicine in the Island.

For its part, Yemen has maintained its steady support condemning the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed for more than six decades by the United States government against Cuba.


Last March 24th, the new Ambassador of Cuba to the Republic of Yemen residing in Riyadh, Vladimir Gonzalez Quesada, concluded his accreditation process with Yemeni authorities. On that occasion, the Cuban diplomat expressed the will of the Island’s government to continue developing and strengthening bilateral relations in different spheres. (EmbaCuba Arabia Saudita)

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