Cuba awards medals to Namibian comrades.

Cuba awards medals to Namibian comrades.

Namibia, May 23rd, 2019- In the context of the celebrations for the Day of Africa, the Embassy of Cuba in Namibia organized a solemn ceremony to honor Ambassador Jerobean Shaanika, former head of the diplomatic mission of this African country on the Island, and Colonel Philemon N. Shiweda, former Military Attaché in that headquarters.

Ambassador Shaanika received the Friendship Medal, granted by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, in recognition of the important role played in the deepening of relations between both countries and for having maintained a close working relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as for his high level of commitment to our country and his constant defense of the cause of Cuba.

For his part, Colonel Shiweda was imposed with the Medal of the Combative Fraternity, also granted by the Cuban Council of State. The Namibian received that award for having achieved with his daily actions and his personal activity the maintenance of the offensive and defensive capacity between Cuba and Namibia, as well as for having successfully fulfilled his duties as Defense Attaché and for his participation in the activities organized by the Military Diplomatic Corps and the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

The ambassador of Cuba in Namibia, Sidenio Acosta Aday, delivered both decorations to the honorees and congratulated them on behalf of the Cuban people and government.

Ambassador Shaanika and Colonel Shiweda thanked the Namibian authorities who selected them for such high positions and Cuba for rewarding the performance of their duties. Both also highlighted the historical bonds of friendship that unite the two countries.

The Minister of Safe and Security, General Charles Namoloh, the Minister of Land Reform, Utoni Nujoma, the Inspector General of the Police, Lieutenant General Sebastián Ndeitunga, Dr. Jorge Gonzales, member of the National Assembly of Cuba, who is visiting Namibia, other Namibian leaders, relatives of the honorees and members of the Cuban State Mission were present at the event.


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