Cuba calls for deepening mutual cultural knowledge among members of NAM

Cuba calls for deepening mutual cultural knowledge among members of NAM

The Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) convened Heads of Mission of the Latin American countries represented in Teheran that are members of the organization, to mark the 10th anniversary of the Declaration and Plan of Action adopted in this capital, which led to the establishment of the above mentioned center.


Its Director, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hassani, made a presentation on the projects and achievements of the institution in its decade of existence and acknowledged the contribution of NAM member countries. He also considered the current presidency of the movement exercised by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to be appropriate to further enhance the historical traditions and values present in the cultures and civilizations of the member countries. He added the center began its work with the aim of connecting the different cultures, in favor of the universality of human rights.


Diplomats attending intervened to thank the labor made by the center and to recommend increasing the promotion of its efforts and results. The Cuban Ambassador Vladimir Gonzalez Quesada emphasized that in order to effectively address the imposition by the Western powers of their cultural values and their superficial conception of human rights, we must firstly deepen our knowledge of the richness and diversity of our own cultures and coordinate more closely to make our position on these issues prevail.


Finally, Dr. Hassani called to favor the association of the center with scientific and academic entities in Latin America. The attendees agreed on the need to continue organizing meetings of this type, to review the effectiveness of the actions undertaken and to face the new challenges imposed by the current global reality.

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