Cuba commemorates in Nigeria, National Culture Day.

Nigeria, October 20th, 2022. With a simple act and singing the notes of our national anthem, the Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria commemorated the day of Cuban Culture.

With the presence of the President of the friendship group with Cuba before the Nigerien parliament, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Nigeria, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Nigerian solidarity movement, the group of Nigeriens graduated in Cuba, Cubans resident in the country, friends of Cuba and the group of the Cuban diplomatic mission, the Cuban ambassador to Nigeria, Clara M. Pulido Escandell opened the event with emotional words referring to solidarity, culture and friendship.

During the inauguration and before the monument of the National Hero, José Martí, a moment of deep spirit of solemnity was when an unconditional friend of Cuba, Abioden Aremu, who is the coordinator of the Movement's platform, was decorated with the Medal of Friendship. Nigerian of Solidarity with Cuba, who, with emotional words of thanks and with the medal on his chest, reiterated his commitment to continue supporting the Cuban people in their dissimilar battles, essentially against the genocidal US blockade against the island. Moment also where the dear friend of Cuba highlighted the universal importance of the legacy of Camilo and Che, regarding the commemorative day that is celebrated every October.

At the event, the Cuban ambassador highlighted Cuba's cultural ties with the African continent, during a presentation where she illustrated this reality with images and video.

The day of Cuban culture is celebrated every October 20, because on a day like this, but in 1868, after two days of fierce fighting between the Spanish and the nascent Liberation Army, which led by Céspedes triumphantly entered Bayamo, the first liberated city in our history”, Pedro Figueredo (Perucho) composed the National Anthem with his leg crossed on the saddle of his horse before a crowd that chanted “The lyrics, the lyrics!” and “Long live free Cuba!” in one of the central squares of the Torch City. This is how our anthem was born, a beautiful story that we will always commemorate.

(Embacuba in Nigeria)

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