Cuba on The Day of Shame, in Accra.

Accra, 24 February 2024 - For many years, on 24th February, the Socialist Movement of Ghana organises in Accra the Event "Day of Shame", where they invite intellectuals from different places to denounce, from a leftist vision, necessary to evaluate the historical facts that will allow us to predict the future of the African nations and the rest of the South, the overthrow of the government of Kwame Nkrumah.


This year's event was special because was launched the fourth edition of the book "The Great Deception", which places us in the context of the historical moment when the coup against Nkrumah, the leader of Ghana's independence, took place. The event was chaired by Dr Yaw Graham, summarised by Professor Akua Britwumy and presented by Vijay Prashad.


The latter, a left-wing intellectual, called for an analysis of the current situation in the world where the global South is standing up to hyper-imperialism and while doing so is not asking for permission. He also denounced the blockade of Cuba imposed by the US empire on an island whose only crime is to be independent and to stand up for its principles. The lecturer paid tribute to the resilience of the Cuban people, who is fighting every day against the harmful consequences of the blockade.


On the Cuban side was present the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Ghana, Anette Chao García.



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