Cuba denounces new terrorist actions in the U.S. to destabilize the island

A Cuban television investigation on Monday provided evidence of structures financed by the United States to create disorder, chaos, and fragment unity in Cuba.

The investigation presented as an example the testimony of the accused Lázaro García, who explained the functioning of the Autodefensa del Pueblo (ADP): a guerrilla plan, formed by a War Council, which would provide logistical, financial, and media support to people in Cuba, and is presided over by the terrorist Manuel Milanés.

This structure also has a treasurer, armed groups, and members in charge of recruiting Cubans through social networks.

According to the report, Autodefensa del Pueblo members are waiting and watching for a breaking point in Cuba's unity, "a launching to the streets" to arrive in the country and start the armed struggle with rocket launchers, machine guns, and smoke bombs, among other military equipment.

The journalistic work warned that there are "people right now trying to manipulate the pain" of the citizens in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian in the western region of the country.

These actions are part of the permanent subversive campaigns aimed at destabilizing the Caribbean nation to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

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