Cuba exhibits results in traditional medicine at the First Global Summit of that discipline.

Cuba exhibits results in traditional medicine at the Summit of IndiaCuba today exhibited its results in natural and traditional medicine during the First Global Summit of that discipline, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) in India.

The island participates in the exhibition area for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), where the progress of the nations of the Americas region in the integration of traditional practices in the health sector is shown.
Johan Perdomo, head of the Department of Natural and Traditional Medicine of MINSAP, who is participating in the event, presented a digital poster on the inclusion of this knowledge within the Cuban health system and another related to the regulation of herbal products in Cuba by of the Island's Regulatory Authority for Medicines, Medical Equipment and Devices.
As a collateral activity, he participated in a meeting with the Ayush ministry, in which the memorandums of understanding signed between MINSAP and the Indian entity on traditional and homeopathic medical systems were reviewed. The partnership between the University of Medical Sciences was also analyzed of Havana and the All India Institute of Ayurveda regarding the promotion in the Caribbean nation of this type of traditional medicine and academic exchange.
Perdomo described the meeting as very positive, because, he explained, the next steps to be followed for the progressive strengthening of the development of Ayurveda in Cuba were marked, mainly from training and professional exchange.
The representative of the island considered that the WHO Summit in India has marked a global boost in natural and traditional medicine and specifically for the region of the Americas meant the strengthening of work ties and the complementary network region of. The latter is a space where Cuba collaborates with other countries to advance the integration of traditional medicine.

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