Cuba gets ready to begin popular consultation on the Family Code

Havana, January 18-- The conditions are in place to begin next month the widespread consultation of the Family Code Project in its 24th version, announced Alina Balseiro Gutierrez, president of the National Electoral Council (CEN).

In a press conference in Havana, Balseiro Gutierrez explained that 12,513 electoral district commissions, 109 special commissions from the Revolutionary Armed Forces, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MINREX) were constituted.

Gutierres explained that in January, the Foreign Ministry is establishing the commissions that will lead the process in the consular offices or embassies in March.

Balseiro Gutierrez stressed the role that some 15,000 jurists will play,  , including 1,606 students in their fourth and fifth courses of law, as they will lead the debate and clarify doubts about the draft regulations, if necessary.

According to the President of the National Electoral Council, 1,428 supervisors and 27,891 collaborators have been assigned throughout the national territory to guarantee transparency and control in this exercise of citizen participation.

Balseiro Gutierrez pointed out that from January 23 to 26, a National Meeting will take place, with the participation of the territories, in which officials will oversee the conditions created, to declare the country ready to face the consultation meetings as from February.

(Information from Cuban News Agency)

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