Cuba-India business conference is dedicated to the 62nd anniversary of bilateral relations.

Cuba and India reaffirmed the will to strengthen their trade and economic relations by holding an online business forum. The event took place under the leadership of the Economic and Trade Organization (IETO), the main trade association of the city of Bangalore.

The President of this institution, Dr. Asif Iqbal, opened the event and dedicated it to the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Cuba and India, which was commemorated on January 12. Iqbal highlighted the historic ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, ratified the purpose of strengthening economic and trade relations and called for an end to the US blockade, recalling that India supports the resolution condemning it which is approved every year by the United Nations General Assembly.

Also participated in the program of the event were journalist Huma Siddiqui of the "Financial Express" media, as well as several businessmen and academics interested in identifying bilateral business opportunities and promoting greater exchange.

The Cuban Ambassador, Alejandro Simancas Marin, made a presentation on Cuba's export offer and the new portfolio of investment projects, highlighting the options offered by the Cuban economy for bilateral trade and for the insertion of Indian companies in our economic development plan. He highlighted the sectors with the greatest prospects for economic and trade relations: biopharmaceuticals, renewable energies, agriculture and the food and software industries, among others.

The forum allowed for a fruitful exchange with businessmen on ways to identify different business options in Cuba and also for cooperation in the areas of culture and education.

As a result of the event, its participants led by the Trade and Economic Organization agreed to work on the preparation of a business mission to Cuba once the epidemiological conditions allow it. In the framework of the anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Cuba and India, the participants also renewed the bases of friendship and solidarity that characterize the ties, and the will to consolidate them.


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