Cuba invited to the 13th Quadrennial Conference of Delegates of the Nigerian Labor Congress.

Nigeria, February 9th, 2023.- The Cuban ambassador to Nigeria, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, participated in the 13th Conference of delegates of the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) held yesterday in Abuja.

At the meeting of one of the largest Nigerian Trade Unions, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, current vice-president of the country, was the guest of honor, who gave the inaugural speech describing the NLC as a true pan-Nigerian organization.

Among the objectives of the Congress were reviewing the fulfillment of the work strategies developed during the last four years and reconsidering new goals. Also It was elected as the new President of NLC the Comrade Joe Ajaero, who has done hard work in the ranks of the NLC.

Among the different congratulations received by the NLC due to its Congress, the one sent by the “Central de Trabajadores de Cuba” (CTC) stands out, in which satisfaction is expressed for the friendship and work relations between these two important unions, a message that it was read during the act by the Cuban ambassador in Nigeria, Clara Pulido.

Once again, the NLC demonstrates its permanent support for the people of Cuba. Comrade Ajuba Waba, prominent President of the NLC, during his speech in Congress, reiterated his organization's permanent support for the people and government of Cuba and reiterated the call to end the US blockade against Cuba and congratulated the Cuban workers for their resistance to this genocidal Yankee policy.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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