Cuba in Jamaica: 61 years later, as in Girón, we will win!

Cuba in Jamaica: 61 years later, as in Girón, we will win!

Kingston, Jamaica, 20 April 2022. The rain did not prevent the 61st anniversary of the Bay of Pigs victory from being celebrated in Jamaica this Tuesday afternoon. The simple event was attended by the Jamaican senator of the People's National Party (PNP) Gabriella Morris; directors of the PNP Youth Organization (PNPYO), The PNP Patriots, and the Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism (LANDS); the presidents of the Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association (JCFA) and the Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica (ACRJ); the coordinators of the Medical and Educational brigades; and several dozen collaborators, Jamaican and Cuban friends residing in this country.

At the ceremony, Osvaldo Cárdenas, historian and president of the ACRJ, reviewed the actions of April 1961 and the historical importance of the victory against the mercenary attack. Professor Trevor Brown, president of the JCFA, denounced the objectives of the invasion, aligned with the policy of hostility of Yankee imperialism against the Cuban Revolution, since its inception. For his part, Christophe Simpson, leader of LANDS, highlighted the parallels between the aggression organized by the CIA in the 1960s and the unconventional war waged today against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and called for solidarity with the projects progressives of the continent.

Those present enjoyed a fragment of the documentary series "Cuba: Paths of Revolution", which provided them with a valuable graphic testimony about the battle and its results.

The central words of the act were in charge of the Cuban ambassador Fermín Quiñones, who expressed: “This is our Girón. The battle is tough. The enemy, strong. But we are not alone in this fight. The people of goodwill of the world are with us. In Jamaica, in the Caribbean, in America and in all corners of the planet, the friends of Cuba show us their support. Like 61 years ago, we are on the side of freedom and justice. And as in Girón, we will win!”.

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