Cuba launches Evisa, a new platform for the management of electronic tourist visas.


Havana, May 2, 2024.- During the month of May, our country will begin to implement a modern electronic tourist visa management system, called Evisa, which will allow the country to offer a more efficient and agile service to users who request it from through the Cuban consular offices abroad.

With Evisa, applicants will be able to start their visa process virtually, from any device connected to the Internet. This platform simplifies the visa application and management process, eliminating the need for additional physical documents. In addition to its ease of use, Evisa also stands out for its friendliness and contribution to environmental protection.

This initiative seeks to strengthen security and efficiency in all stages of the tourist visa process, from the initial application to border control. With Evisa, Cuba moves towards the implementation of a more modern consular system adapted to current needs.


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