Cuba is not alone

Cuba is not alone: Statement of the Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association.

Cuba is not alone: Statement of the Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association

July 11, 2021 will go down in history as a battle won by our courageous brothers and sisters from the homeland of Marti, Fidel, Raul and Diaz Canel, in the undeclared war by United States of America government against the Cuba people.

A  cruel and inhumane war, that has been waged since the triumph of the Cuban revolution led by Fidel and  strengthened by a 60-year old illegal , criminal, economic, financial and commercial blockade which is the single  most oppressive stumbling block to the development of the our sister country and its people.

This unprecedented and genocidal blockade in the history of human kind conduct between states, has been universally condemned by the majority of humanity’s citizens by their representatives at the United Nations General Assembly who have consistently called for its unconditional removal.

‘A leopard cannot change its spots’ as is the case with US imperialism, as despite his genteel and less abrasive demeanor and electoral posturings of the present occupant of the White House, he not only embraced the over 240 ‘unchristian-like’ criminal sanctions of his predecessor Donald Trump but added new ones, as he exploited the difficult conditions of a global  pandemic to achieve what all the US presidents since Eisenhower has not being able to do, which is the overthrow of the Cuban revolution.

Cuba is not alone!

And they can continue to count on the unconditional support of the peoples of the world and their Jamaican brothers and sisters, in the best traditions our people for resisting against the odds, as Cuba provides a living example that a better world away from imperialism, is indeed possible!

One Love and One Struggle!

Trevor G Brown

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