Cuba participates in the 15th International Exhibition of Art and Culture.

Nigeria, August 21, 2022. The Nigerian Council for Arts and Culture invited the Cuban Embassy to participate in the 15th edition of the International Exhibition that was held in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, between August 18 and 20. .

At the picturesque Cuban stand, Cuban paintings, images, music, traditional food and videos of Cuban culture, as well as tourist destinations on the Island, could be seen. During the exhibition, the Cuban ambassador Clara Pulido Escandell and the counsellor Pavel Bauzá had the opportunity to offer statements to the media about the sample presented, where they highlighted the depth, beauty and cultural independence of the Caribbean Island, committed to the education and well-being of its people, while ratifying the ties of identity that exist with the African continent.

Numerous Nigerians and foreigners visited the fair and especially the Cuban stand, as well as Cubans residing in Nigeria, graduate students in Cuba, members of solidarity, accredited diplomatic corps and many more friends.

Olusegun Runsewe, Director General of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), urged international delegates at the Expo to visit and invest more in Nigeria. He said that Nigeria remains a safe nation with abundant tourism and cultural potential waiting to be tapped.

Characterized by presentations of traditional dances, music and many crafts, this exhibition has given Nigerian artisans from 11 states the opportunity to network with delegates from more than 36 countries and with numerous fans of the subjects presented.

During the summary of the event, the Cuban Embassy was awarded the prize for Best Traditional Food Exhibitor, a merit achieved by the outstanding work of a family of Cuban Residents in Nigeria, Dariannis Castillo, Dayan Peña and Fidel Peña, who were part of the Cuban staff and Through their food company "Old Havana LTD", they exhibited the best traditional Cuban dishes, including congris, cassava, tamale and roast pork, accompanied by Mojito and CubaLibre, drinks of the highest international recognition.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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