Cuba participates in Art and Culture Festival "Vista Latina" in the Trinidadian capital.

Port of Spain, May 26 .- With the participation of more than 400 students from several secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago, began today the second edition of the festival "Vista Latina" organized by the trinitarian company TRINITICA. The event, whose main objective is to show the young people of the country the diversity and cultural richness of Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean, had a valuable support from  Caribbean and Central American Embassies in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Embassy of Cuba, represented by its first secretary, Alex González, presented a Stand with graphic and audiovisual material on the largest of the Antilles, which included brochures, music, posters and maps that were showed to the participants.

As is traditional, after a welcome cultural presentation, the young students and their teachers approach the booths of participating countries to interact with the respective representatives. In the case of Cuba, the students were interested in knowing details of its culture and icons of their history as José Martí and Fidel Castro. The experience was also conducive to establishing partnerships between the Embassy and the different participating schools, eager to deepen their knowledge of Cuba and the Spanish language.

These more than 400 Trinitarian students will have the opportunity during the festival to dance with Latin American rhythms, enjoy movies and documentaries, and  taste dishes from all over the region. The Vista Latina festival has consolidated its position as one of the most attractive initiatives in the country for the promotion of Latin American and Caribbean culture.


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