Cuba participates in commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the Amílcar Cabral Ideological School.

Abuja, July 16, 2020. In the interest of commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Movement of the Ideological School Amílcar Cabral (ACIS), based in Nigeria, an online forum was organized with the theme: “The challenge of opening the revolution socialist: the organization of women and youth”.

The Amílcar Cabral Movement managed to promote a high participation of representatives from Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, the United States, South Africa, and Venezuela, who highlighted the importance of the role of women and youth in the construction of socialism. The space also prompted multiple comments in support of the Cuban Revolution, the role played by medical collaboration in the fight against the COVID pandemic19, and the rejection of the US blockade against the island was reiterated.

The Cuban ambassador to Nigeria, Clara Pulido Escandell, who participated in the event, together with ICAP officials, highlighted the Cuban experience to fight COVID19 and its achievements in the current international context. She mainly highlighted the participation of youth and women in that battle and recognized the example of solidarity and dedication of the Henry Reeve Brigade. The Cuban ambassador also denounced the criminal US blockade against Cuba.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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