Cuba participates in Global Digital Health Conference in India.

Cuba was present at the Global Digital Health Conference held in New Delhi by the Indian organizations "Parliament of Health" and the Digital Health Society.

The Cuban Ambassador to India, Alejandro Simancas Marín, delivered a lecture on the health system in Cuba, in which he explained its development and structure, as well as the main achievements in this field, which respond to the principles of social justice and humanism of the Cuban Revolution. He also discussed the excellent results of Cuban vaccines against COVID-19 and of the biopharmaceutical industry in general. He also highlighted Cuba's international solidarity in the field of health. All this, in spite of the U.S. government's blockade that has been strengthened in recent years, which has affected the development of our health system.

The conference was attended by authorities from the Indian Ministry of Health and Welfare, including Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, representatives from different health institutions and guests from different countries.

The president of the Digital Health Society, Rajendra Prathak Gupta, highlighted that the Cuban health system was a model with undeniable successes in all respects and, therefore, worthy of being studied and taken as an example.

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