Cuba participates in the International Solar Alliance Assembly in India.

Cuba advocated international collaboration at the Sixth Session of the General Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) held in New Delhi with representatives from 116 countries.

In his remarks, First Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines Argelio Abad, leading the Cuban delegation, called it an honor to attend the event as a full and founding member of the ISA, created in 2018.

He highlighted that the Cuban delegation is attending the event to strengthen strategies and create innovative alliances that promote collaboration in order to increase the use of solar energy in the short term.

This will contribute to the global transition towards clean energy and energy independence, Abad said.

Abad indicated that one of the Cuban government's priorities is to guarantee the access of the population and the national economy to a sufficient and safe supply of clean and sustainable energy.

In this regard, Abad pointed out that the Caribbean nation is moving towards the challenge of achieving the production of the energy required by the country from renewable sources, mainly solar photovoltaic, whose source, the sun, is a goodness and a valuable resource for the archipelago of 11 million inhabitants, he said.

He also considered the event as a valuable international initiative, in pursuit of common efforts in the world, given the urgency of identifying priorities and promoting the use of solar energy in a safe, adequate, affordable and sustainable manner.

He also advocated for international collaboration to set the tone for cooperation among nations.

In addition, to contribute to consensus on the transfer of clean energy technologies to developing countries, on international agreements on climate change, environmental protection and the need for a just energy transition, he stressed.

He also highlighted the important support provided to Cuba by the International Solar Alliance, which has made it possible to promote important projects such as the production of 1,150 megawatts (MW) with 150 MW of accumulation.

This initiative is of great significance in the change of the national energy matrix, since it opens the way to reduce, to a minimum, the consumption of diesel in the generation of electricity during daylight hours and thus have an impact on the variables of the economy, he explained.

He also thanked ISA for the donation to promote the Solar Pumping Project, together with the initiative, ratified through a memorandum of understanding, to create a Resource Center for Solar Technology Applications (STAR-C) in Havana, with national and regional benefits.

The First Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines proudly recalled Cuba's contribution as Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean during the 2020-2022 period.

A stage where the determination shown by the world in addressing the global pandemic, climate change and the need for a just energy transition, a major task for the island today, he reiterated.

The activities of the Cuban delegation will continue tomorrow with the High-Level Conference on New Technologies for the Transition to Clean Energy, a side event of the Sixth Session of the ISA Assembly.

This alliance was conceived by India and France to mobilize efforts against climate change through the deployment of solar energy solutions.

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