Cuba participates in the second edition of the cultural festival "Noches Latinas".

Port of Spain, June 15. - The second edition of the cultural festival "Noches Latinas" was inaugurated with the participation of Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Dominican Republic and Spain. The event is organized by the National Library (NALIS) and the embassies of the participating countries and took place between June 11 and 16.

The event contemplates that each country presents aspects of interest of its culture and traditions that go from dances, cooking to the presentation of audiovisual materials.

The night dedicated to Cuba was held on June 14 with the screening of the movie "Clandestinos", a classic of Cuban filmography.

As one of the main attractions of the event, an exhibition was also inaugurated in the central area of ​​the Library where articles and images of the six participating countries will be exhibited.

The event celebrated its second edition this year and its objectives were the promotion of multiculturalism. The Information System Authority and the National Library (NALIS) hosted a celebration of culture, poetry and gastronomy, offering the public an insight into the culture of neighboring Latin countries and stimulating interest in learning Spanish as first foreign language.

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