Cuba pays heartfelt tribute to José Miguel Miyar Barrueco (Chomy)

Havana, January 21, 2023.- Authorities of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the Government paid today at the Calzada y K Funeral Home, in this capital, a heartfelt tribute to José Miguel Miyar Barrueco (Chomy), who passed away this Friday at the age of 90.

The funeral was also accompanied by the medals he received for his career in the service of the country, where the status of Labor Hero of the Republic of Cuba stands out.

The funeral was attended by Salvador Valdés Mesa, Vice President of the Republic; Inés María Chapman Waugh and Ricardo Cabrisas, vice prime ministers, and scientists such as Dr. Agustín Lage Dávila, who conveyed their respects to family, friends and fellow fighters of the deceased.

Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice Prime Minister; Elba Rosa Pérez, head of Science, Technology and the Environment; Fernando Rojas, Vice Minister of Culture, and scientists such as Dr. Concepción Campa, among others, came to pay their respects and accompany family and friends.

Likewise, his companions in struggle and work were present in the multiple tasks that he carried out throughout his extensive record of services to the Homeland.

Pursuant to his will and that of his relatives, his body was laid to rest this Friday afternoon and was buried this Saturday morning in the Pantheon of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Colón Cemetery in the capital.


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