Cuba is preparing for the gradual opening of its borders.

Havana, September 7. Taking into account the progress in the vaccination process in Cuba, its demonstrated effectiveness and the perspective that more than 90% of the entire population will conclude the vaccination schedules in November; Conditions are being prepared to gradually open the country's borders as of November 15, 2021.

As of that date, sanitary hygiene protocols will be made more flexible upon arrival of travelers, which will be focused on monitoring symptomatic patients and taking temperature. In addition, diagnostic tests will be performed randomly, PCR will not be required upon arrival and the travelers' vaccination certificate will be recognized.

The opening of the domestic tourist market will also begin gradually, in correspondence with the epidemiological indicators of each territory.

To date, 52.1% of the population has received one dose of the vaccine, 43.1% have received two doses, and 37.5% are fully vaccinated.

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