Cuba present at the Volksstimmefest in Austria.

Vienna, September 3 - The Austria-Cuba Friendship Association reaffirmed its strong commitment to our country during the Volksstimmefest, a celebration promoted by the Austrian Communist Party newspaper, traditionally held on the first weekend of September.

During the festivities, which  show stands allegorical to the Socialist, Communist and Progressive Movements, the Cuban Ambassador in Austria, Pablo Berti Oliva, held a conversation with friends in solidarity about Cuba and its Revolution, the current situation of the country, the challenges it faces in the face of the numerous challenges of the current economic architecture and the continuity of its foreign policy.

The also Permanent Representative of Cuba to the International Organizations based in Vienna thanked the many expressions of solidarity received from the Austria-Cuba Friendship Association and the constant support of its members in the fight against the blockade and in favor of Cuba's removal from the list of Sponsor States of Terrorism.

The members of Solidarity highlighted the prestige of Cuba and its Revolution, the country's progress in human rights, including the new laws adopted in the island; the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical potential, as well as the commitment to the noblest causes defended in international meetings.

Cuba's presence was highlighted in several stands and stages, represented by its Embassy in Austria, the Austria-Cuba Friendship Association (ÖKG), the newspaper Junge Welt-Germany, Cuban residents and other organizations present at the party Festival.


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