Cuba receives funds raised in Australia to fight COVID-19

Canberra, 10 August, 2020.- The fundraising campaign promoted by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) concluded, and Cuba received a cash donation of 58,000 Australian dollars to support its efforts in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Between May and July, ACFS developed a successful initiative through “My Cause” web platform to attract donations that would allow Cuba to acquire supplies that doctors needed to deal with Covid-19, knowing the difficulties imposed on the Cuban people by the unjust US blockade. This campaign received several contributions from Australian friends, including members of the business sector, as well as the support of many other helpful people.

Besides, the different state branches of the Australia - Cuba Friendship Society have also joined in their social networks, the current campaign being developed in many parts of the world to encourage the nomination of the Cuban medical brigade Henry Reeve for the Nobel Peace Award.

Since its creation in 1982, the ACFS has promoted different actions in Australia against the blockade, the subversion plans against Cuba, and in favor of the return of the illegally occupied Guantánamo territory by the United States. It has worked jointly with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) in the development of community projects on the island and, since 1984, solidarity brigades have been going to Cuba year after year to the Julio Antonio Mella  International Camp in Caimito, Artemisa.

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