Cuba refuses to compromise its socialist principles

The Mast, 4 January 2021. CUBA says while it is willing to discuss any issue with the United States government, the Caribbean nation will not compromise its socialist principles. Closing the ninth legislature of the national assembly of people’s power session, President Miguel Díaz-Canel said there is no need for perpetual antagonism from the United States of America.

“We insist on our conviction that it is possible to construct a respectful, stable relationship between the two nations, and, as has been stated with sufficient clarity, we are willing to discuss any issue whatsoever,” he told the gathering at the Convention Centre in Havana. “What we are not willing to negotiate, what we will not concede, in the slightest, is the Revolution, socialism, our sovereignty. Our principles will never be on the table!”

President Díaz-Canel cited several negative events during the US elections, targeted at Cuba. He explained that the Trump administration schemed provocation in various ways, which Cuba ignored.

“Surely, we will not forget that this complex situation, which we have described, coincided with an election period in our neighbor to the North. And Cuba once again became an issue on the domestic agenda there. Threats rained down; money rained down to promote what many thought would be the final blow for Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in a presumed second term for the President, still in office,” President Díaz-Canel explained. “Or a situation of instability and tension that would prevent any return to dialogue in the event of a democratic victory. They came at us with everything, provocations by mercenaries related to fake strikes by artists seeking to attract public opinion and the intelligentsia to impose a dialogue camouflaged with this sector’s genuine concerns. But there were more non-artistic demands clearly meant to serve as a platform for confrontational projects previously organized, with the goal of creating a political opposition with no social base.”

He said America had also used propaganda against the Cuban government.

“And as the backdrop, terrorist actions, fake news and threats of violence on the web…This is, in a few words, the outline of a not-so-soft coup, prepared for Cuba as the final reward in a difficult year. This has been explained in our media, courageously and in detail – the reason unsuccessful attempts have been made to discredit them on some platforms funded from abroad,” he said. “We have seen projected in real time the old and the new plans of US special services against the Revolution, the product of NED and USAID leadership training courses, including the attention they hypocritically claim to display for the problems that affect and irritate the population, the majority caused by the cruel blockade imposed by the same government that exacerbates them with the goal of fostering discontent, but also by vacuums and errors in our institutions in terms of their indispensable links with those involved in related activities.”

President Díaz-Canel described the US economic attacks as “a disgraceful war, that disregards ethics and principles”. He said his administration would continue to uphold the right of citizens to self-determination.

“This is not the first time in history that the enemies of the Cuban Revolution attempt to opportunistically deliver blows, at a difficult moment for the economy and society. This is not the first time the wolves have disguised themselves as sheep and attempted to establish a beachhead. This is not the first time they have lied and presented to the world (an image of) our country far removed from reality,” said President Díaz-Canel. “The narrative is practically novel-like and there are plenty of media outlets with broad audiences to amplify it in both Spanish and English. They inflate the events so much that, at a time of so many challenges and emergencies, we run the risk of losing our focus on the issues that affect the very life of the nation, moving to the beat of those who want to destroy us. This is not a government disconnected from the people, ensconced in offices. We regularly tour the provinces; we visit universities, research centres, factories, schools, hospitals and agricultural poles.”

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