Cuba rejects WSJ publication on alleged Chinese military base.

Havana, June 8. Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Fernández de Cossío, rejected the publication of the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal about an alleged agreement between the governments of China and Cuba to establish a Chinese military base in Cuban territory to intercept communications in the United States.

He stressed that "regardless of the sovereign rights of Cuba in defense matters, our country is a signatory to the Declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, signed in Havana, in January 2014”.

By virtue of the Declaration, he said, "We reject any foreign military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean, including that of numerous United States military bases and troops, especially the military base that illegally occupies a portion of the national territory in Guantanamo province.”

The intention of the publication is to deceive public opinion about the reality of Cuba. "These are all fallacies promoted with the perfidious intention of justifying the unprecedented intensification of the blockade, destabilization, and aggression against Cuba and to deceive public opinion in the United States and the world”, argued the vice minister.


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