Cuba at the “San Fiesta Festival” in Sandvika, Norway

Oslo, June 12, 2022. This weekend Cuba was present at the "San Fiesta Festival" in Sandvika, whose edition this year was dedicated to Latin America.

The attending public was attracted by the sample of emblematic products such as cigars and rum, as well as by books on several topics and records by outstanding exponents of the Cuban music.

It was an excellent opportunity to promote Cuban culture, history and identity, and also to promote the bounties of Cuba as a tourist destination.

Fellow citizens living in Norway and members of the solidarity movement with Cuba in this country accompanied the staff of the Embassy, led by the ambassador Maité Rivero Torres, on these two memorable days.

The city of Sandvika, located approximately 15 km west of Oslo, is the administrative center of the municipality of Bærum, in the province of Akershus. (Embassy of Cuba in Norway)

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