Cuba thanks U.S. Hatuey solidarity group for medicine donations

Cuba thanked the U.S. group Hatuey for the donation of cytostatics for children with cancer, needles for bone marrow extraction, catheters and other means, at a press conference held today by organizers of that solidarity group at the headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

The purchase of the shipment, which includes other specific medicines in great demand that are in short supply in the country due to the blockade, was possible thanks to the efforts of friends, organizations and people of good will in the United States who managed to raise 60,000 dollars for this purpose.

"It is little according to the needs, it is not much but it has been a lot of work to get it, and this is just the beginning, the world is with the Cuban people and against the economic siege imposed by the United States", stated Hatuey's leader, Gloria la Riva, activist and close friend of Cuba for which she has worked tirelessly since 1985 in the U.S. territory.

She spoke of the fundraising efforts involving organizations such as IFCO Pastors for Peace, the Party for Socialism and Liberation of the United States, the Popular Forum in New York, cultural and sports activities, friends from Australia and American doctors who provided scientific advice and contacts with pharmaceutical companies.

Hatuey's group that brought the donation is made up of 20 people, most of them young people who are coming to the island for the first time, to get to know it better and learn from its experiences, commented Gloria stating "they are all proud of this achievement after almost a year of work in this first phase", she stressed.

"We are here to show the Cuban people that they are not alone, we are much stronger united and united we will defeat the blockade, we cannot let Cuba down, we will always be on their side", she remarked.

Fernando González Llort, president of ICAP, attended the meeting with the press of the representatives of Hatuey - Health Advocates in Truth, Unity and Empathy - who will directly deliver the donations to the pediatric hospitals Juan Manuel Márquez, in the capital, and José Luis Miranda, in Santa Clara.

Andira Alves, a young social activist from Boston, acknowledged the island's history of solidarity with African nations and other regions. "We have seen how Cuba has developed vaccines not only for its people but for the world," she said, referring to the group's recent visit to the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

After referring to Hatuey's previous donations -during the covid-19 epidemic, and after the fire at the Supertanker Base and the passage of cyclone Ian- he affirmed "we want to show that the US government does not speak for us, we have much to learn from our exchanges in Cuba".

On behalf of the Ministry of Public Health, Aldo Grandal spoke movingly of the donations for small oncology patients "medicines that the blockade prevents us from acquiring for admitted children, representing a lot for the treatments and for their parents, and they cover part of the great needs of the health system, it is a very valuable help that we are infinitely grateful for", he emphasized.

At the end of the exchange with the national and international press, Fernando González Llort, pointing out to the Hatuey group, said "this is the real people of the United States, good, humble people, who with great efforts provide help, not this government that prohibits the acquisition of medicines for children, depriving them of their right to life".

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