Cubamotricidad 2022


 “Manuel Fajardo” Science University of Sports and Physical Culture, The Minister of Higher Education and The World Organization of Education, Stimulation and Childhood Development (OMEEDI), , along with International Universities, Organizations and Institutions convoke to Cubamotricidad 2022, Congress of Sports and Physical Activity which will be held from October 24 to 27 in 2022. This edition is devoted to Caribbean countries; the place of the event will be America Square Convention Center in Varadero.

“Responsibility and Science: Development of Physical Culture professional” is the Congress main theme. In this case, it will be developed by different forms and it is aimed to interchange experiences and results of researches related to Sports and Physical Culture.

The expositors and the participants should make inscription on ,The event page according to their status. They can get their certificate in digital way and the memories of the Congress with ISBN register if they fulfill the requirements.

Participants Profile

Professors, researchers, students, fitness trainers, officials from institutions, organizations and enterprises linked to Sports and Physical Activity.

Form of Presentation

  • Lectures
  • Oral Exposition
  • Poster
  • Panels


1. The quality of Physical Education

2. Therapeutic Physical Activity

3. High Performance Sport

4. Recreation, Free Time and Environment

5. Professional Education

6. Fitness and Health

7. Management and Administration from Physical Activity

8. Neuromobility and development

9. Psychology from Sports and Physical Activity

10. Sociology from Sports and Physical Activity

11. Genre or social inclusion


Rules for Works Presentation

- Works should be unpublished, letter sheet, 10 to 15 sheets, word format, 12 Arial letters, justified document, one and half space between lines.

- The authors should be put in a decrease way according to their percentage of participation in the work.

- Tittle: concise, specific, a correct syntax, it should express the work content in no more than 15 words.

- Abstract: It should express the problem, the objective, the methods, the main results and the conclusions. 200 words will be written in only one paragraph (Spanish-English)

- Key words: No more than 5 words in Spanish and English, the one necessary, standardized and descriptive of the content accordance with them.

- Introduction: The problem, the reach and the objective of the investigation should be clearly defined as well as the art state dealt with other investigators.

- Materials and Methods: they should express the quantity and the quality of the materials used, the methodology used, the experimental conditions should be right according to the objective stated as the statistical analysis made.

- Results and Discussion: the results should be clearly expressed and they are presented in a logical way supporting with images, figures, charts of the corresponding interpretations and the relationship among the obtained data be evident. The content will be specified and the conditions in which the results were achieved. It is important to value if there is contrast with the results from another published works and if the possible theoretical or practical significances are highlighted in order to support the conclusions.



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