Cuban Ambassador to Canada meets with the ACT Alliance Canada Forum

The Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Hector Igarza, held a virtual meeting with members of ACT Alliance Canada Forum, in which they discussed the situation of the Cuban people and the support of this organization to our Island.

ACT Alliance is composed of more than 140 faith-based organizations working in long-term development, advocacy and humanitarian assistance. In October 2023, ACT Alliance Canada Forum sent a letter to the Canadian government demanding an end to the hostile policy of the US government against our nation, as well as to the negative impact of the blockade on the full development of the Cuban society.

During the meeting, Cuba-Canada bilateral relations were discussed and the inclusion of the island in the arbitrary list of state sponsors of terrorism and in the U.S. State Department's list on religious freedom was denounced. In this regard, ATC Alliance confirmed that religious institutions on the island enjoy the right to practice their beliefs in accordance with the law and respect for one another.

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