Cuban Ambassador to Canada meets with the Mayor of Ottawa.

The Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Héctor Igarza, and the Mayor of the city of Ottawa, Jim Watson, held a meeting where they exchanged topics of interest for both nations. 


During the meeting, Jim Watson showed interest in the situation Cuba is going through under the blockade imposed by the U.S. government and its economic and social impact on the Antillean nation. He was also interested in the efforts of our government to deal with COVID-19 and the development of the 5 vaccines against that disease. In this regard, the Cuban Ambassador said that our country is capable of facing great challenges, despite the intensification of the measures of the U.S. government and the attempts to overthrow the Revolution.


Another of the topics that focused the debate was the development of Canadian tourism to our island, as Canada is the main source of tourists to Cuba.


As a culmination of the meeting, the mayor of Ottawa offered the enclave of the city hall for the realization of activities, through which Cuban culture can be promoted in the northern nation, at the same time that he supported the continuity of the bilateral exchange.



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