Cuban Ambassador exchanges with her Ethiopian ambassador during a pleasant meeting at the Cuban Foreign Ministry headquarters

Abuja, September 6th, 2023.- The Cuban Ambassador in Nigeria, Miriam Morales, held a cordial meeting this afternoon with the Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mr. Awall Wagris Mohammed, at the headquarters of the Cuban Foreign Ministry in Abuja.

Both diplomats addressed issues of common interest regarding the Bilateral Agenda in the interest of continuing to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation.

During the meeting, the Ethiopian ambassador thanked all the benefits that Cuba brought to Ethiopia in these years of exchange that have characterized the relations between both countries. He emphasized the unbreakable friendship of the Cuban people since the times of struggle for the liberation of the African peoples.

On the Cuban side, the Third Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Nigeria, Ana Flavia Gómez Pavot, was also present.

  (Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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