Cuban Ambassador exposed the experience of the Cuban General Education System at the International Seminar, University of Delhi.

New Delhi, February 18, 2017. Cuban Ambassador Oscar Martinez Cordoves presented the experience of the General System of Cuban Education at an International Seminar held at the University of New Delhi under the title "Dialectics of Education: Comparative and International Perspective. " in the presence of professors and university students from India and guests from other African and Asian countries attending the conference.

The event was propitious for the Cuban diplomat to transmit the inaugural address and proceeded with his information, since Cuba is a reference in the educational system.

From his presentation, a comparative study was conducted with the Education System in India with many questions about how Cuba has achieved high levels of school retention, the factors of financing. There was praise for the system of preparation and updating of Cuban pedagogues and teachers, the integrality of the system in society and the linkage of the school with parents and recognition of the role of Cuba's internationalism in education. Also praised that the Cuban state has achieved educational funding at all levels, in a small country and without resources that is an example to follow.

During the event, the Ambassador of South Sudan's expressed his gratitude to Cuba for Sudanese graduated in our country. On the other hand, the interest of seeking formulas of cooperation and exchange was also moved. There were also a debate on an article in tribute to Fidel written by Professor Nina Dey-Gupta was published in December 2016 under the title "How Fidel molded Cuba and influenced Latin America". (Embacuba India).