Cuban Ambassador to The Gambia denounces the permanence of the blockade

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Gambia, September 28, 2016.- The Cuban Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, Lázaro Herrera, offered plentiful information about the United States blockade against Cuba which continuity was denounced during a meeting with the Managing Director of the Daily Observer newspaper organized in the diplomatic mission. Daily Observer is the main newspaper in The Gambia. Making an account on the new period in Cuba-US relations beginning in December 2014, the diplomat stressed that despite the progress achieved and the positive aspects of President Barak Obama´s new policy to the island, obstacles on the road to the normalization of bilateral ties remain, one of which is the criminal blockade which constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights. In that sense, he listed the sanctions applied by Obama administration since the establishment of diplomatic relations and even after the American President's visit to Cuba, against American and foreign natural or legal persons, for doing business with Cuba underlining the extraterritorial nature of the blockade. He clarified that Obama has privileges that allow him to do much more progress in the dismantling of a policy that he himself considered obsolete and useless. The Cuban diplomat assured to the visitor that the ultimate goal of the current U.S. policy toward Cuba is the same that have been pursued for nearly six decades, which is subvert the Cuban political system, by using a different way and implement a regime akin to their interests, but this new policy will fail on such purposes, as the previous failed.