Cuban Ambassador to Ghana gives interview to The Real Travel Show.

Accra, March 7, 2024- The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Ms. Anette Chao Garcia, received journalist Ras Mubarak to give an interview to "The Real Travel Show" channel.


In the interview, the Cuban diplomat reported on the consequences faced by the Cuban people due to the imposition of the United States of America's blockade on the island, giving weighty proofs that the blockade not only affects the people of Cuba, but also the people of the United States. She explained that US citizens cannot visit the largest of the Antilles unless they have a special licence to do so. Additionally, she let know that every activity to be carried out in Cuban territory must be authorised. The Envoi also dealt with the extraterritoriality of the blockade, providing elements to help people understand the difference between blockade and embargo.


The Cuban Ambassador described the relations between the peoples and governments of Cuba and Ghana as excellent. She noted that she was very proud of the successes of the graduates in Cuba and the way they said they were trained on the Caribbean island. She updated the audience on the Ghanaian students currently on the island, around 270, and on future plans of the governments.


Recalling that 2024 marks the 65th anniversary of relations between the two countries, she took the opportunity to thank Ghana for the support it has always provided to Cuba in the fight against the pernicious blockade imposed by the United States of America and against the inclusion of the island on the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism. Likewise, she recalled that solidarity is the banner under which Cuba stands before the world and that Ghana can always count on its support.


Fidel Castro Ruz and Kwame Nkrumah could not be overlooked among the topics discussed. Hence, the example that both figures represent for the processes of liberation and in the construction of fairer societies could not go unmentioned in the interview.


In relation to tourism in Cuba, the Cuban diplomat highlighted the beauties of the largest of the Antilles, where the Cuban people stand out for their warmth, general culture and hospitality. She also spoke of its flora, fauna and culture. The Ambassador took advantage of the opportunity to invite the former Member of Parliament, Ras Mubarak, to participate in the International Tourism Fair 2024, FITCuba.


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