Cuban Ambassador greets Palestinian poet Marwar Makhoul

On 24 November 2023, Palestinian poet Marwar Makhoul thanked Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel for sharing on social media one of his poems in support of the cause of the Palestinian people.

"To write poetry

that is not political

I must listen to the birds

but to listen to the birds

the bombing must stop".

Marwar Makhoul is in Cyprus to participate in a series of meetings in support of the cause of the Palestinian people and demanding an end to the Israeli genocide and the Cuban Ambassador to Cyprus, Angel Gustavo Suarez Cordero, was able to greet him.

During the fraternal meeting the Palestinian poet conveyed a message to the President of Cuba Miguel Diaz Canel.

Mr. President of Cuba,

I thank you for quoting a line from my poem. Like all Palestinians, I love you and thank you for this strong stand for our just cause. Hasta la victoria sempre!


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