Cuban Ambassador to India participates in panel "Peace beyond borders".

Ambassador Alejandro Simancas Marin participated in the panel "Peace beyond borders", which was held in the city of Hyderabad and organized by the Rotary Club, as part of the program of its presidential conference.

During his address, the Ambassador highlighted the historic friendly relations between Cuba and India and expressed his gratitude for the position of the Government and people of this country in support of the demand to put an end to the US blockade, which, he stressed, continues to be the main obstacle to Cuba's economic and social development. He also explained Cuba's international cooperation and solidarity, as a fundamental part of its foreign policy, and the presence of more than 50 medical brigades that have contributed in many countries to face COVID-19.

He also raised the importance of international relations based on international law, respect for independence and sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs and the abandonment of imperialist policies of domination and hegemony and policies of unilateral and criminal economic sanctions such as the US blockade, which, together with the strengthening of multilateralism, dialogue, cooperation and international solidarity, are premises for peace.

The Ambassadors of Egypt and Paraguay were also present at the panel.


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