Cuban Ambassador to India visits the state of Gujarat.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in India, Alejandro Simancas Marin, visited the state of Gujarat, the westernmost state of India and birthplace of independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

During his visit, a conference on business opportunities between the two countries was held at the headquarters of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of the directors of the institution, including the President Hemant Shah, as well as businessmen and authorities of the state Department for the development of small and medium enterprises. During the event, the Ambassador presented the offer of Cuban exportable products and the main elements of the new Foreign Investment Opportunities Portfolio.

The Cuban diplomat also visited the Rashtriya Raksha University, where he was received by the Rector, Dr. Bimal N. Patel, and exchanged views on the possibilities of cooperation with Cuban higher education institutions.

He also visited the headquarters of companies in the handicrafts sector and paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in the emblematic community in the city of Ahmedabad, where Gandhi lived and worked for 13 years and consolidated as a leader of India's independence.


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