The Cuban Ambassador in Ireland visits "Liberty Hall", historical headquarters of SIPTU.

The Cuban Ambassador in Ireland visits "Liberty Hall", historical headquarters of SIPTU.

Dublin, March 9, 2018. Comrade Ethel Buckley, Deputy Secretary General of the Services Industrial Professionals and Technical Union (SIPTU), received the Cuban Ambassador Hugo René Ramos Milanes, who moved greetings from the Cuban Workers' Federation and reaffirmed the willingness of the Cuban Embassy to help strengthen the bonds of fraternal friendship and collaboration between the Irish and Cuban Trade Unionists.

During the meeting the Deputy Secretary General was interested in learning about the performance of the Cuban economy and in particular the impact of the measures introduced by the Trump Administration to intensify the blockade. The Cuban diplomat outlined the efforts undertaken in various spheres of the Cuban economy that led to a 1.6% growth in 2017, despite the considerable damage caused by Hurricane Irma over 12 Cuban provinces. He also referred to the hostile actions undertaken by the US government to damage strategic sectors of the Cuban economy such as tourism and investments, as well as the most recent acts of interference in the internal affairs of Cuba.

The Cuban Ambassador took this opportunity to reiterate the high appreciation for the sustained solidarity of the Union and especially its Committee of Solidarity with Cuba, in the international struggle to end the economic blockade and other causes that have mobilized Irish trade unionists as it was the campaign for the liberation of the Cuban Five Heroes.

During the meeting, both sides exchanged impressions about the celebration in Cuba and Ireland of International Women's Day and the upcoming celebration of Workers' Day.

The Deputy Secretary in thanking the visit ratified the interest of the union to continue developing bilateral relations.



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