Cuban ambassador in Malaysia met with directors of the National Book Development Foundation

This March 31, Florentino Batista González, Ambassador of Cuba in Malaysia, met with members of the National Book Development Foundation of Malaysia, to discuss issues of interest to the organization and the Caribbean country.

The meeting, which took place at the Cuban Embassy in Malaysia, was attended by the president of the Foundation, Hasan Hamzah, as well as its executive director, Dr. Roslan Bin Basaruddin, and other officials of the organization and the headquarters diplomat.

The meeting was conducive to discuss issues related to the promotion of literature produced in the two countries, and possible ways to bring books by Malaysian authors to Cuba and vice versa.

This first meeting aims to lay a basis for exchange between the two cultures, with tools such as the promotion of reading, the publication of books from both nations and mutual participation in international events such as book fairs and exhibitions.

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