Cuban Ambassador meets with leader of the Farmer’s Union of Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, March 21st, 2018 – The leader of the Union Movement for workers in the Agricultural Sector of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Shiraz Khan, received the Cuban Ambassador, Guillermo Vazquez Moreno in a farm in the central part of the country. Both parties had coordinated this meeting within the framework of the close relations between the respective trade union movements in the agricultural sector and in the mutual interest of exchanging on possible forms of cooperation for the development of the agricultural sector in both countries.

The Trinidadian union leader recalled moments of the fruitful cooperation that has existed between the two countries in the agricultural sector, especially in the 1990s when several Cuban aid workers came to work in Trinidad and Tobago on projects backed by both governments. Both sides agreed to explore forms of bilateral cooperation between both movements, which includes the exchange of visits by leaders and specialists in the field.

The Cuban diplomat transmitted an official invitation to participate in the official acts in Cuba for the First of May and updated his host of the policies and challenges of the Cuban agricultural sector, particularly in a context of intensification of the Blockade against the island and the need to reduce imports. Mr. Khan reiterated the invariable position of the union movement that he represents against the Blockade unjustly suffered by the Cuban people.


Embassy of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

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