Cuban Ambassador in Mongolia toured CITI private University, met with its President and offered a lecture on Cuba to students

The Cuban ambassador to Mongolia, Jorge Ferrer, toured the CITI private University, met with its president and founder, Dr. Baigalmaa Tsembel, along with other directors and offered a conference on Cuba to some 120 students.

In the meeting with the President of CITI to exchange Information on this university, on higher education in Cuba and the possibilities of collaboration, Mrs. Altantsetseg Tulgaa, Director of International Relations, was also present.

The conference  of the Cuban Ambassador  to students reviewed the history and current affairs of Cuba, the US economic blockade, bilateral relations with Mongolia and Asia.

It also discussed the development of the Universities on the island, in particular the University of the Arts and the International Film and TV School, given the strong cultural profile of the Mongolian CITI University.

The students were interested in the possibilities for foreigners to study at Cuban universities and in architecture studies on the island.

CITI University, founded in 1998, today has 2,000 students enrolled in 30 undergraduate, master's and doctoral specialties in about 9 schools or faculties, including nursing, design, beauty, management, journalism and architecture.

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