Cuban Ambassador in Nigeria denounces the permanence of the US blockade against Cuba

NIGERIA, March 30, 2017. Cuban Ambassador Carlos Trejo Sosa and his wife gave a dinner to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria.
In the activity a review was made on the state of relations between Cuba and Nigeria.
It was highlighted the interest of several state governors in establishing bilateral cooperation in areas of health, education and agriculture.
The Ambassador referred in detail to the validity of the US blockade imposed on Cuba, as well as to the intense activity that the Cuban Government has been carrying out inside and outside the International Organizations in favor of achieving universal nuclear disarmament. In the conversation, the Cuban diplomat offered up-to-date information on the reality of our country.
The meeting took place within the framework of the cordiality existing in the relations between both countries. The Nigerian side thanked the invitation, as well as the frank exchange that propitiated in the topics discussed during the evening. The Permanent Secretary, on behalf of the Foreign Ministry, expressed support for the work of the Cuban State Mission in Nigeria.
The Deputy Secretary for Economic, Legal, Consular and Protocol Affairs, the Director of South America and the Caribbean, the Deputy Consular and Migration Director and other directors of the Foreign Ministry participated in the meeting. For the Cuban side, the Second Secretary of the Embassy.
(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)
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