Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria offered exclusive interview with “This Day” newspaper


NIGERIA, March 30, 2017. Carlos Trejo Sosa, Cuba's ambassador to Nigeria, offered an exclusive interview with the newspaper “This Day”, whose main theme was the links between the Caribbean nation and the African country.

In response to questions from the journalist, the diplomat sent a wealth of information on the state of bilateral relations with Nigeria, especially on the interest of the federal States in the area of ​​cooperation. He made reference to the historical-cultural ties that unite the Cubans with the Nigerians and to the African presence in the Cuban population. On relations between Cuba and the United States, he recalled the effectivity of the genocidal policy of blockade against the Cuban people and its extraterritorial character.

The physical disappearance of the Historical Leader of the Revolution, spiritually affected the people of Cuba, said the Ambassador; however he added, his legacy will continue in future generations. This question contributed to the mention of the presidential elections in Cuba, whose process is characterized by democracy in all its stages.

This Day newspaper is a national newspaper of Nigeria, with 36 offices in the federal states and in some parts of the world. His publications are characterized by topics on politics, business and public diplomacy.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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