Cuban Ambassador offers exclusive press interview to Daily Trust of Nigeria

The Cuban Ambassador Carlos Trejo Sosa offered an exclusive interview to the Daily Trust. The journalist focused his questions mainly on the bilateral relations, which allowed the Cuban diplomat to analyse the possibilities to take them to the economic sphere and further strengthening all the elements related to them.

Also, the Ambassador mentioned the historical, cultural and religious ties between both countries, whose diplomatic relations were established more than 40 years ago and remain in excellent condition.

Further, the Ambassador condemned the persistence of the US blockade against Cuba and stated that the effects caused by this genocidal policy not only affect Cuba, but also the people of the United States, as well as many countries in the international community.

Questioned about the physical disappearance of the historical Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the head of the Cuban Mission in Nigeria emphasized the work of the Revolution designed by the Commander-in-Chief, his progressive ideas and their contribution in several countries in Latin America and The Caribbean, Africa, and even Asia, as a legacy which will never die.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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