Cuban Ambassador offers interview to Plains FM Christchurch

Wellington, August 7th, 2019. Last Monday, the interview granted by the Cuban ambassador, Mario Alzugaray, was transmitted in the Earthwise program of the presenters Martin and Lois Griffiths in Plains FM Christchurch.

In the following link, you can access the podcast

For about 25 minutes, the Cuban diplomat addressed different issues, such as the position of John Bolton, national security advisor of the United States in relation to Venezuela, Nicaragua and the background of his actions in regard to Cuba; the policy of the current US administration towards Havana, the use of the Cuban issue for electoral purposes by President Trump and his advisors; the background of the conflict between Cuba and the United States, the position of Washington on the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the impact and intensification of the blockade against the Island; the effect of the Helms-Burton Act and the extraterritorial nature of the application of title III thereof.

The eminently supportive presence of Cuba in Venezuela, with emphasis on the health, education, sports and other sectors with a noticeable social impact, was also addressed to refuse the absurd American accusations about the Cuban military presence in the South American country.

Ambassador Alzugaray also referred to the status of the relations between Cuba and New Zealand, the main subjects and common interests, the position of the Kiwi government against the blockade, ratified in response by Foreign Minister Winston Peters to a letter sent by members of the Friendship Society with Cuba in Dunedin. (Embacuba NZ)

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