Cuban Ambassador participated in special session of parliament in Malaysia

Diplomats and parliamentarians participated in this special session of parliament

Kuala Lumpur, June 19, 2023- The Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia, Florentino Batista González, was invited to an exclusive session of the parliament of this Southeast Asian country for the presentation of the new Special Select Committee for International Relations and International Trade (CIRT).

The Cuban diplomat was summoned by the president of the Committee and member of parliament, Mr. Wong Chen, who was also president of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba in the previous executive.

At the meeting, a general overview of the situation of trade and political exchange between the participating countries was made, to begin a new way of relating that, according to Wong Chen, will last over time and will diversify and expand.

The ambassadors in Malaysia of Azerbaijan, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand and India also attended this meeting, so the exchange addressed very varied aspects concerning the foreign policy of Malaysia and those nations, including Cuba.

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