Cuban Ambassador participates in the Inaugural Conference of the Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

New Delhi, April 7, 2017. The Cuban Ambassador to India, Oscar Martínez Cordovés attended the Inaugural Conference of the Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, held this day at the seat of Parliament. The theme of the activity was "The critical challenges of our times: the role of governments, civil society and grassroots organizations".

The activity was chaired by Prof. P. J. Kurian, vice-president of the Upper House, who spoke on behalf of the president of that chamber and the Vice-President of the Republic, M. H. Ansari.

Other guests who spoke were former Lower House Speaker Shivral Patil who referred to the bloody conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, which are two schools of Islam and which are intentionally opposed by Westerners against each other. The duty is to stop that slaughter.

He also spoke about the need to create the parliament of Asia, the only region that does not have this parliamentary organization, taking into account the diversity existing in this region among Christians, Jews, Buddhists, among others.

He reiterated that in his view society is more important than governments.

For the Philippines, participated Mr. José C. of Venice, former President of the Philippines and Co-President of the International Association of Parliaments for Peace. He spoke in his words the challenges of parliaments, namely poverty, the need to return to equality, the necessary internationalism, and protectionist policies in vogue today and the need to use the seas and oceans peacefully for the good of the people.

In the final place spoke the member of the Association Committee; Deputy R. Rama Krishna from the Indian government party (BJP), who said that as a result of the recent Indian elections his party had become the largest member not only in India, but also in the continent, The figure of 100 million members. The speech was official.

Also present was the deputy friend of Cuba Bhubaneswar Kalita. Other meetings and salutations, in addition to those that made up the board, were with BJP deputy Mr. K. G. Kenye, who became interested in Cuba. Mr. Jihosuya Jena, a member of the General Secretariat for Minorities and an official of the Office of the Prime Minister, as well as Dr. Chung Sik Yong, President of the Parliamentary Union for Asia. (Embacuba India)